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What is a pump Seal? If your asking that question you have come to the right place. A pump seal is a method of sealing a pump shaft that must rotate or reciprocate with the "wet end" of a pump. In the case of centrifugal pumps, there are multiple mechanical face seal styles used in industry. A few of them are shown below. Among the styles are Single Spring Seals, Metal Bellows Seals, Multi-Spring Seals, and Cartridge style seals.

Cartridge Seals are by far the easiest to install, and the least likely to fail. Installation clips insure the seal faces are not overly pressed together (resulting in pre-mature wear) or under compressed (resulting in leakage). Bolt them on and remove the setting clips, and your good to go.

The cost of a cartridge seal is quickly justified when you consider it comes with it’s own sleeve, gland and one or 2 pairs of seal faces, all contained in one unit. When the industry average of 50% of seal installations not being optimal (resulting in early failure) and labor costs, replacement costs, lost product expenses and lost production costs, cartridge seals easily cost less in the long run.

Single Spring Mechancial Seal

Single Spring Seals

Cartridge Seals
Cartridge Seals

Burgmann Replica pump seal

Metric Seals

Metal Bellows Pump Seal

Metal Bellows Seals

Mechanical seals feature:

*Invisible leakage
*Less friction/power loss
*No to little wear on the shafts or sleeves
*Flexibility - to accommodate shaft deflections and "End Play"
*No period maintenance
*Long Life


The basic of mechanical seal type follows:

Single spring pump seals:

Utilize a single spring coiled in a right of left hand design to accommodate left and right hand turning pumps. They have the flexibility to accommodate misalignment, shaft deflection, and break away shock loading.  It resists clogging in extremely viscous fluids.

All pump seals are constructed of three basic sets of parts:

1) A set of primary seal faces: one that rotates and one that remains stationary.

2) A set of secondary seals known as shaft packings and insert mountings, such as o-rings, rubber boots, PTFE or Grafoil wedges, or V-Rings.

3) Pump Seals have hardware including gland rings, collars, compression rings, pins, springs, retaining rings and bellows.


Pump Seals can be classified by Arrangement

Pump Seals can be classified by Design

Pump Seals by arrangement

pump seals by design

A pump seal works though the use of two very flat (generally within 3 light bands flat) lapped faces which make it difficult for leakage to occur (beyond a vapor). As mentioned above one face is stationary and one rotates with the shaft. One of the two faces is usually a non-galling material such as carbon-graphite.  The other will be a harder material providing dissimilar materials making contact and allowing one to be a sacrificial. The softer pump seal face usually has the smaller mating surface and is commonly called the "wear nose" of the mechanical Seal.

The Easiest seal to install as a replacement for pump packing is a cartridge type pump seal:

The Beauty of cartridge seals are they are self-contained.  Holding all the elements of a pump seal set: 

*Rotating Face Seal

*Stationary Seal face or faces

*Shaft sleeve


Cartridge pump seals :

Are the easiest seal for a mechanic to install.  Only being required to slide onto the pump shaft and bolt to the pump gland, the cartridge seal cannot be miss installed. 

Cartridge seals must fit the stuffing box  there is a form on www.americansealandpacking.com under pump seals with this and other information on it to help the customer make sure the seal fits there pump.  

Installation of single spring, metal bellows or multiple spring seals require much more effort to be sure of an effective long lasting seal.  Ask your American Seal & Packing sales representative for installation directions. 

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